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A Voice From Heaven

2005 "POW" Award Winner

Dr. Silver's Award-Winning BookIndependent Review
by Dr. Jean Penny, ARNP

Some books just shine. A Voice From Heaven is one of them. Turn a page or two of this lovely little volume and you never want it to end. Its creative and original approach sends a message of love, peace, and hope to the Seekers among us pondering life’s Big Questions—namely, why are we here and what happens after we leave? A Voice From Heaven is a reassuring beacon happily illuminating the paths we follow and revealing fascinating glimpses of what lies ahead.

The author, Sheree Silver, is a gifted medium, psychic, minister, and healer who believes she was born psychic because she’s always been able to tune into other people’s thoughts and energy. Alas, due to growing up in a dysfunctional family, this was not always such a great advantage, she ruefully notes. Throughout a rocky childhood marked by parental divorce and remarriage and a turbulent adolescence, the one constant in her life was her grandfather, Poppa. Sheree last saw her Poppa ten years ago in California when she was a 35-year-old fledgling psychic and he was an 85-year-old retired tailor. Jokingly, he promised to contact her after he died to let her know what it was like on the other side. In 1996, he died at the age of 87.

In 1999, Sheree’s Poppa came to her in a dream, reminding her of his promise. With some trepidation, she asked God for protection and took pen in hand, writing what the voice in her head compelled her to record. She did so for two years. A Voice From Heaven chronicles the ongoing dialogue between Sheree and her Poppa and offers the rest of us a tantalizing sneak preview of what lies beyond the veil.

Partly metaphysical, partly pragmatic, partly whimsical, A Voice From Heaven is always enlightening, refreshing, and imminently readable. Herein one can find comedy, drama, mystery, and art. Within these covers, faith defeats fear and love triumphs over evil. Life on earth is depicted as a dress rehearsal for what follows. The overall premise is positive and welcome—we humans need to learn to lighten up, follow our instincts, and cease and desist our obsessive tendencies to worry, fret, and wallow in guilt and fear. What’s not to love?

A Voice From Heaven will long echo in your belief systems, offering its uplifting message that we are never alone; that all life’s answers already lie within us; that by forgiving others we learn to forgive ourselves; and that death is a new beginning, not the end. By opening her heart and sharing her personal journey, Sheree Silver has created a treasure map for anyone on a quest to discover miracles and the beauty of life.

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