Celebrity Psychic Sheree Silver

Private Readings In Person or by Phone

As seen on ABC-TV's Wife Swap, Dr. Sheree Silver is a psychic sensation. The reality show has made her an immediately recognizable celebrity, and her services are in high demand. Dr. Silver still squeezes time in her busy schedule to do private psychic readings for individuals.

Schedule a private reading with Dr. Silver today. She'll set aside time from her busy schedule to do a relaxed one-on-one session with you.

Phone: (904) 615-4953

Mastercard and Visa are also available.

Phone Reading Topics:

  • Psychic Readings -- Gain insight into your current life situations and the people in them. Dr. Silver will discuss your direction as you look ahead into the future, as well.
  • Dream Analysis -- Dr. Silver will look at your dreams, and help you understand them and how they can guide you in your life.
  • Numerology -- With the use of Numerology, Dr. Silver will help you will gain insight into your purpose, your life direction, your relationships, and the cycles you go on each year.

About Dr. Sheree Silver and Wife Swap

Dr. Sheree Silver appeared on the hit ABC reality show Wife Swap twice. She has been seen around the world as viewers saw her help the other families deal with difficulties in their lives. Her second appearance on Wife Swap was a result of viewer votes -- hers and another family were the ones chosen from everyone else ever to have appeared on Wife Swap to re-swap with each other on the show's big 100th episode that aired in March 2009. In this episode, Silver takes the swapped husband through a past life regression, and in the end, he proclaims her the "real thing".

As a result of these shows, Dr. Silver is recognized everywhere, and her requests for psychic readings and dream analysis have been catapulted to high gear.