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Chakra Balancing

15.00 USD for 1 CDWithin the physical body lies a body double, a spiritual body that contains the seven main chakras extending from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions and health. Chakras are our energy centers, the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. They are constantly rotating and vibrating. When one (or more) of the chakras are blocked, the energy will not flow harmoniously through them, causing ill health. A person's illness will often manifest in the chakras, before it appears in the physical body. With this CD you will be able to unblock and balance each chakra. The music and visualizations will lead you to achieving wellness in body, mind, and spirit. (Price: 15 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD

Directing Your Dreams

Dreams are a mysterious and fascinating world where the rules of reality do not apply, yet they can be understood and remembered, to help us gain insight into our true selves. Some of our dreams deal with practical matters, others are psychological in nature. There is no such thing as a meaningless dream. They are real experiences. There are big dreams and little dreams. Some reflect our fears or desires and can be literal or symbolic. The first step in unlocking the meaning of our dreams is to keep track, by writing them down in the morning. With the use of this CD, you will be able to remember your dreams and interpret them. You will be able to ask questions and receive answers in the morning. With practice, you will learn how to direct your dreams to achieve out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams. (Price: 15 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD

Expanding Consciousness

With the expansion of consciousness come new ways of seeing reality. You will see things that you could never have conceived of before. Illusion will be replaced with truth. You will connect to your true self and know that your true identity is one of being unlimited. You will tap into your full potential and no longer experience the fear and doubts of your personality. As a multi dimensional person, you will be connected to all things and become a co-creator with the universal wisdom. This CD will inspire and motivate you to follow your passion and know there are no limits to achieve your dreams. (Price: 15 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD

New Positive You

Attitude is everything. By believing in yourself you will have the power and motivation to achieve anything you desire. Your life will improve as well as your relationships with others. Through positive thinking and creative imagery, we can feel happy and satisfied, become engaged with life and find it more meaningful, regardless of our circumstances. A positive mind equals a successful person. You are what you think about and believe. By using hypnotherapy your feeling of self esteem and self worth will grow. Everything will open up for you. You will be able to handle any situation with a new sense of self-confidence. Being confident brings about peace, good health, and higher achievement. (Price: 15 USD)
20.00 USD for 1 CD

Releasing Stress

Stress has been studied for many years. Of most concern is the fact that it is implicated in the six leading causes of death in this country. Stress is one of the most toxic contributors to illness. Although there are many things we cannot control, we are in charge of how we respond to stress, and we have the ability to feel more relaxed, happy, and productive. Unless we take steps to cleanse our body and mind of unhealthy stress, it can build to dangerous levels. Managing stress means adjusting our attitude and behavior, which is easily accomplished with this CD program. It will help you handle all those situations which used to cause stress, tension and anxiety. (Price: 20 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD


In order to attract a healthy relationship, you need to forgive and release all past relationships and hurts and open your heart to love. "Soulmates" can have various types of relationships, which do not always include romantic love. In this program, we are referring to attracting a partner that you can have a lasting, intimate and compatible relationship with. Using creative imagery and suggestions, you will be able to mentally connect with your soulmate to bring him or her into your life, when the time is right for both of you. (Price: 15 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD

Stop Smoking

Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body and causes many diseases including cancer, pneumonia, chronic lung disease and coronary heart disease. You can quit smoking . With the use of hypnotherapy, visual imagery and affirmations, you will be able to say goodbye to cigarettes for the rest of your life without much effort at all. Repetition is the key to success. Replacing negative habits with positive ones. We recommend using our Releasing Your Stress program in combination with this one for enhanced success. (Price: 15 USD)
25.00 USD for 1 CD or Special Download Pricing


Creative ideas are everywhere. With the use of this Deluxe CD you will be able to access your unlimited creativity, direct your dreams, open your heart and expand your consciousness. Your subconscious will respond to all the positive suggestions and resonant healing sounds, allowing you to have wonderful ideas, experience peace, happiness and deep personal growth. (Price: 25 USD or special download offer)
OR  Sheree L. Silver, Ph. D. - Transformation Through Hypnotherapy and Sound*
15.00 USD for 1 CD

Unlocking Creativity

Creativity is something that is inherent in all of us. Nature has given us two brains. The left brain is basically logical and analytical. The right brain uses imagery and is associated with the artistic, musical and creative. The fully creative person has learned to bring both sides of the brain into balance. By developing our creative ability and tapping into the power of our subconscious mind, we can generate new ideas and solutions to our problems. Ideas are everywhere and with the use of this CD you will be able to access your full creative potential and remove all of the blocks and doubts that stand in your way. (Price: 15 USD)
15.00 USD for 1 CD

Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, we must break old habits about eating. We need to replace these unproductive behaviors with good habits through repetition. Resisting temptations can be difficult, but the more you resist, the easier it becomes. Leading experts now agree that regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve your health and add years to your life. Hypnotherapy combined with creative visualization and affirmations will give you the added boost to achieve your perfect weight. This CD can work with any healthy diet you may be will give you the ability to achieve lasting success with the power of your subconscious mind. (Price: 15 USD)
*Requires iTunes Software

Phone Readings

Have Sheree Silver do a personal phone reading with you.

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