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Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional Healing

SSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to and focused on the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing of humanity.


  • Hypnosis -- Available in person or over the phone. Dr. Silver has over 22 years experience as a certified hypnotherapist. She has helped individuals quit destructive habits and addictions. Hypnosis is a proven treatment to help get rid of fears, improve memory, and improve mental and physical health.

Other Services:

  • Psychic Readings -- Gain insight into your current life situations and the people in them. Dr. Silver will discuss your direction as you look ahead into the future, as well.

  • Medium Readings -- Dr. Silver will connect with your loved ones on the other side to bring clarity, closure and peace of mind to everyone.

  • Dream Analysis -- Dr. Silver will look at your dreams, and help you understand them and how they can guide you in your life.

  • Numerology -- With the use of Numerology, Dr. Silver will help you will gain insight into your purpose, your life direction, your relationships, and the cycles you go on each year.

  • Past Life Regressions -- Available in person only, Dr. Silver can take you through a past life regression.

  • Weddings, Parties, Lectures, Workshops

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Dr. Sheree Silver, Ph.D.

Dr. Sheree Silver has helped adults and children since 1986.

She has appeared on national and international TV and national and satellite radio shows speaking on a variety of New Age topics.